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Tigers Athletics has a team for everyone from beginner to elite. We will be offering over 12 cheer teams and over 6 dance/pom teams this season. All of our cheerleading teams are listed to the left.

All of our teams are designed to be successful at every level. Competition Levels of each team will be determined throughout the summer and will be based on the majority of the skills demonstrated by the athletes on the team. Athletes will be placed on teams with others of similar skill sets. We offer small and large sized teams in levels 1-6.

Competitive Teams:

All-Star Teams:
Pink and Ruby (Mini) - Lime (Youth) - Blush (Junior) - Crimson and Gold (Senior) - Steel (Open)
These teams are for athletes looking to travel throughout Canada and the US. (** Athletes must currently be on a local team and must try out for this team.).

Perseverance and commitment are the key focuses when entering our competitive cheerleading program. These elite teams train 4 hours per week, travel to multiple competitions and compete on the international stage. This program is a key building block for athletes looking at one day performing on the world stage. If you athlete is looking to be challenged, gain strength and increase their skills; than this is the program for them!

What you can expect from this program:

  • *Team Bonding
  • *High Level of Commitment
  • *Intense Athletic Training
  • *Professionalism
  • *Inclusiveness & Positive Learning Environment

Worlds Team: Platinum -
This teams are for athletes looking to travel throughout Canada and the US. (** Athletes must currently be on a local team and must try out for this team.).

Get ready to compete at a world class level. Tigers Orange is THE elite team at Tigers Athletics. Platinum trains intensively each week and competes at a high international level. This selective team competes and works towards earning a bid to The Cheerleading Worlds event that takes place at the end of each April.

This Team Requires:

  • *Complete Dedication
  • *Positive Attitude
  • *Great Work Ethic
  • *Must be 13 as of August 31st 2019-2020

All-Star Prep Teams:
Periwinkle (3-6) - Grape (6-11) - Teal (11-17)
These programs are designed for athletes looking to compete and stay local (no overnight competitions).

Enter the world of competitive cheerleading through our All-Star Prep program. Our All-Star Prep program takes the fundamentals and basics of cheerleading to the next level. Athletes in this program will learn routines and perform them at competitions in Canada & USA. This program will strengthen athletes skills and prepare them for the next stage.

What you can expect from this program:

  • *Enhance athletic ability
  • *Promote healthy living
  • *Commitment Flexibility
  • *Positive learning environment

Recreational Program:
This program is for athletes to learn the basics of cheer.

Dance Teams:
We offer Pom

We offer PA Day, learn to cheer, tumbling, stunting, and many more day camps.

Invite up to 15 friends for your cheerleading, gymnastics or dance party. Learn to stunt, tumble, jump and dance all for just $150 including HST. Parents: This cost includes 2 hours (45 minutes in the gym and 75 min in our party room) . Bring the presents, your own food or snacks for the ‘party room’ and get ready for a great time! Let us take the hassle and mess of your party by bringing the party to the Tigers Den. Contact us today!

We offer Group and Private tumbling, and stretch classes.

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